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Best Blockchain Crypto Currency Marketing and Advertising Strategies

To be successful with your blockchain, NFT or cryptocurrency marketing, advertising and promotion plan, your project, product or service needs an effective and consistent marketing and public relations strategy that engages and motivates the media, buyers and investors to take action.

Invest In The Future Of Your Cryptocurrency Project, Product or Service

While cryptocurrency is obviously a super hot investment market that has been ascending rapidly, competition is stiff as thousands of products come to market each and every month. Your crypto project can easily be lost in a sea of competitors.


To punch through the clutter and get media attention, corporate interest and boost retail consumer sales, your crypto project needs PUBLICITY and EXPOSURE.


Crypto Media Net will set your marketing up for success by promoting your cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT, hardware, software or crypto service  with over 75 of the most influential Crypto media companies in the market space.

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The Sea of Crypto Competition is Fierce

What will you do to not just survive, but actually thrive in a rapidly growing landscape filled with cut throat competition?

In early 2022, several cryptocurrency industry players told CNBC that thousands of digital tokens are likely to collapse while the number of blockchains in existence will also fall over the coming years.


There are more than 20,000 cryptocurrencies in existence today with dozens more coming online each and every week! With this kind of competition, it’s no surprise many projects will fail.


Currently, there are 263 DeFi projects in existence. These include exchanges, stablecoins, asset management products, marketplaces, insurance, and lending.


Open Sea is one of the most popular NFT marketplaces hosting over 1.2 Million users. It has over 80 Million NFTs that are currently in existence in just ONE marketplace!

Best Crypto Marketing Solutions

What two things does every Cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT Project – even the services and companies around this space – all need?

Publicity & Exposure!

How Our Crypto Marketing Agency Helps Your Project

For a crypto project to thrive, it needs to consistently get publicity and exposure.


To consistently get new investment, a project needs two critical things:


      • A Steady Stream Of Quality Targeted Traffic
      • Trust & Recognition

If You Put These Two Pillars In Place, Making Sales Becomes Much Easier – And It’s Much Simpler Than Most People Think…

The key to gaining the kind of trust and traffic that results in sales and profits, is to get consistent exposure and publicity on crypto authority news sites.

In order to make more sales and get more exposure… knowing how to gain “Trusted Status” is critical. The Good News is that it’s now possible to get that recognition without going broke.

The Fastest, Simplest Way For A Project To Gain ‘Trusted Status’ Is To Get Recognition From Already Trusted Brands!

These Sites Have The Authority To Get Top Rankings In Google Within 36 Hours For A Steady Stream Of Highly Targeted Traffic

Traffic & Recognition Follow The Exposure And Association
With These Trusted Niche Authority Brands.

Run These Campaigns Consistently To “Stack” Your Traffic And
Rankings To Gain Visibility For Long-Tail Searches Overnight &
Higher Competition Terms Over Time!

How much could your project be worth if just a small
percentage of people decided to invest in you due to the publicity
and exposure you’d be getting.

Crypto Marketing Media Promotion

We can provide affordable, highly effective publicity campaigns to any cryptocurrency, DEFI or NFT project – who ALL need it. This attention and exposure can lead to elevated brand awareness that can attract media and corporate interest as well as investors, leading to increased sales & profits.

We can also implement publicity campaigns for crypto hardware and software product firms as well as service companies that provide deliverables to the crypto currency market space.

Why Invest in Crypto Media Promotion

With so much cryptocurrency competition in existence, and more coming online each week, you need to put your project in front of influential crypto media organizations and hundreds of journalists. Getting the proper exposure will make or break your project’s success.

Fast and Global

Crypto Media Net can get ANY cryptocurrency related project published on 75+ Google News Approved Sites Overnight. Your project will be published on a total of up to 500 – 600 Media sites. All with worldwide reach.

Improved SEO Rankings

Beacause your brand, content and links will be placed on the most influential and prominent websites in the Crypto market space, Google will reward your project websites with improved SEO rankings. This boosts traffic, exposure, interest and sales.

Instant Authority

When you get your brand and content on the most prominent and influential crypto media sites, their credibility and recognition transfers to your project. This dynamic takes place with both human users and search engine algorithms.

Targeted Placement

Crypto Media Net guarantees your content and brand is placed in our media partners websites and blogs. Your project will be exposed to hundreds of journalists and potentially thousands of consumers. Have peace of mind knowing you’re covered.

Beat The Competition

The Crypto market is flooded with competitors. More and more are popping up each week. Your strategy must be smarter and that includes taking effective actions and steps that your competitors aren’t. Crypto Mecia Net helps you do just that.

Marketing for Cryptocurrency ◊ DeFi ◊ NFT’s ◊ Hardware ◊ Software ◊ Services

Are You Looking To Drive Interest and Sales?

Crypto Marketing Experts

Crypto Media Net will strategize, plan and implement a monthly media campaign program that will consistently put your project in front of cryptocurrency journalists, influencers and consumer investors.

It all starts with a cryptocurrency marketing analysis. We will quickly study your project, generate ideas for promotional content like articles and press releases, and then publish that content to our partner network comprised of over 75 Crypto media entities.

Crypto Media Net offers the best crypto marketing experts and strategies for your project!

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Digital Crypto Currency Marketing That Works

Crypto Media Net Distribution Lets You Get ANY Project In The Crypto Niche Published On Over 75+ Google News Approved Sites Overnight. Your project will be published on up to 500 – 600 Media sites in total.

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Cryptocurrency Markeing Media Placement

Best in Industry Content Creation & Distribution Services

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And More…


Benefits of the Crypto Media Net Service

  • Overnight Exposure & Publicity

  • Exposure on 75+ Google News Approved Crypto Authority Sites and 500-600 Media Sites Total

  • Expose Your Brand to 100’s of Crypto Journalists

  • Instant “Authority” in Your Niche

  • Rank on Google in 24 – 36 Hours

  • Greatly Enhanced SEO Rankings for Your Website

  • Boost Web Traffic

  • Boost Sales / Investment

  • Get Listed on Media Sites Your Competitors Aren’t

  • Become ‘Top of Mind’ in Your Area of Focus

  • Build Your Brand Recognition

Who Can Benefit from Crypto Media Placement

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Blockchain Platforms

  • NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

  • DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

  • P2E (Play To Earn)

  • DEX (Decentralized Exchanges)

  • CEX (Centralized Exchanges)

  • Metaverse

    • Virtual & Augmented Reality

    • Web 3 Economy

  • ICO / Token Sale (Initial Coin Offering – Pre Release)

  • Physical Wallets (e.g. Ledger, Trezor etc.)

  • Hardware Providers

  • Software Providers

  • Crypto Merchandise (t-shirts, hats, cups, etc.)

  • Crypto Security Services

  • Marketing Agencies

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Social Media Agencies

  • Blockchain Advisors & Consultants

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

5 Star Reviews

Our internet-generated leads have increased significantly. To be sure, Max Performance Group has fortified our identity, allowing us to literally rise above the competition when prospects perform internet searches. We are most grateful for the expertise and guidance. This firm is a first-rate operation that we highly recommend.


Phil Waga

Tarrytown, New York

5 Star Reviews

My company has worked with Max Performance Group for at least 12+ years. We started using them for our Google Adwords management at first, which led to many other projects over the years from website development, maintenance, email support, web hosting, SEO work, PR campaigns, blogging and more. The owner Bob Thomson is very detail and results oriented. Highly Recommended!


F. Esposito

New Brunswick, New Jersey

5 Star Reviews

This company is AMAZING ! 

We had an excellent experience with Max Performance Group. The owner Bob Thomson was extremely helpful in guiding us through the process. We are beyond pleased with Max Performance Group’s impeccable service.

I would definitely recommend them to every business !

Kathy Taylor

Mentor, Ohio

Satisfaction Guaranteed

5 Star Google Reviews

We take pride in the fact we have a 5/5 star rating from clients. We will always do whatever it takes to earn your trust and confidence in our services and our company.

Placement Guarantee

Crypto Media Net guarantees your project and or company will be published in our network of 75+ Google News Approved Crypto Media Sites. We pledge to gain your total satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on any question below to reveal the answer.


How do I get started with crypto media campaigns?

Everything starts off with a phone call assessment between one of our coordinators and the client’s designated contact. This call helps us get some basic information about your company, project, product or service, your needs and to convey our recommendations and services.

The purpose of this call is to see if your company qualifies for the service we offer. Not everyone we speak with is a good fit for what we do. If your project is a fit we will suggest the next steps to take to get started with your first campaign.

Once I decide to use the Crypto Media Net service what's the next step?

Once we have qualified each other as a good fit to work together and you have decided to move forward,  we will send you a payment invoice and link to get the service started.

How do you develop crypto publicity campaigns?

Developing campaigns is a both a structured and creative process. This includes brainstorming ideas, information gathering, keyword research, developing news angles and media hooks, writing your content, editing, getting approval and then publishing and distribution.

How soon can you start a campaign?

Once we have received your first payment we can start the project within 24-48 hours.

How long does it take to complete a campaign?

Each campaign will take several days to construct and implement. This includes brainstorming ideas, information gathering, keyword research, developing news angles and media hooks, writing the content, editing, getting approval and finally publishing and distribution.

How many and how often do you recommend clients do campaigns?

Client requirements vary but we typically recommend between 1 and 3 campaigns per client per month. It depends on how quickly you want to get traction and how much attention you need for your project.

Consistency is key. You want to stay in front of your audience on a regular basis to create brand awareness and recognition, which can lead to increased interest and sales.

News Content

What kind of content or news can you publish?

Almost any kind of announcement about your project, product or service such as: ICO information, important dates (ex: pre release), new developments, launches, roadmap, milestones accomplished, success stories, investment info, human resources (new hires, promotions) or qualifications.

What if we don't have any big news to publish?

Don’t worry every company in the Crypto niche has something of value to communicate about their project, product or service. We are experts at uncovering, teasing and presenting information and news that the media and your consumers will want to know and appreciate.

What is special about your crtpto marketing service?

What makes our crypto media placement and marketing service so valuable is a combination of research, cogent writing ability and a 1st class network of the biggest and most influential Crypto sites in the world.

Over and above the publicity you receive, our campaigns will also greatly enhance your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive more monthly traffic. No other marketing and publicity service can deliver this value at the price point we offer.

How is your service different from convential press releases and guest posts?

Our service is much more targeted, specialized and more powerful than regular press releases and guest posting.

With traditional press releases and guest posting your content is diluted in a sea of various categories of business and non business themes. Expecting to get any significant traction and attention is unrealistic.

What makes our crypto media placement and marketing service so valuable is a combination of research, cogent writing ability and a targeted network of the largest and most influential Crypto media sites in existence.

Over and above the publicity your project receives, our campaigns also greatly enhance your website’s Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to increase monthly traffic.

No other marketing and publicity service can deliver this incredible value at the price point we offer.


What forms of payment do you take?

We use common payment processors such as Paypal, Stripe and other services that take most credit card and electronic checks.

Do you bill monthly?

Yes, your account will be automatically charged each month according to the service level you have chosen. You may cancel at any time.


Who is Max Performance Group, Inc.?

Max Performance Group, Inc. is a New York State based marketing company that owns and manages the Crypto Media Net service. In business since 2002, they have 2 decades of web based marketing expertise and a proven track record of success.

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